Homestead ,,Prie klykio” internal procedure and safety rules.

Arrival from 14:00. Departure till 12:00. If you won’t leave the homestead after 12:00 you will be charged extra 30 Eur per every hour. You can discuss arriving and departure times.

The reservation is made upon paying the deposit from 30% to 50% from accommodation service amount. If you fail to arrive the deposit will not be returned.

Guests of the homestead must provide exact number of people which will be staying in the house. If you fail to provide the exact number of people to the host/administrator it cannot exceed the number provided in the house description. It is not allowed to invite extra people or friends.

Guests number cannot exceed which was agreed upon during the reservation.

If you notice any outsiders in the territory of the homestead, you must inform the host/administrator.

Upon arrival at the homestead, guests must pay the full rental price.

Homesteads host can provide the invoice if needed.

Guests can use:

Houses and all the equipment in them; sauna, Jacuzzi, firewood, costs extra, unless otherwise agreed, fireplace, barbeque, if you inform homesteads administrator; trampoline, children or sport playgrounds and sports inventory; guests can swim in the pond or designated swimming place’s, swimming on the boat, waterbike, if you inform homesteads administrator and only with lifesaving jackets, fishing in the pond only when you pay for the house and payed for fishing license to homesteads administrator.


Guests must:

Reserve the house via email, sign the order contract or fill registration form upon arrival, provide identity documents; comply with the general and safety rules, fire safety and internal procedures, if you order any extra services you must pay immediately, save water and electricity, do not disturb other guests, before leaving the homestead to participate in handing over the rented premises and material values ​​to the owner of the homestead. Guests can bring pets, but they must look and clean after them. For any damages caused to the property the pet owner is responsible.


It is forbidden in the homestead:

Smoking in all the houses; without the permission of the administrator/host to heat fireplaces and stoves in houses; without the knowledge of the host or administrator move furniture or the equipment in the houses.

To use boats or fishing, without the knowledge of the administrator, jumping on the trampoline more than one person



Any damage caused to the homestead “Prie Klykio” shall be compensated by the guest in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

If the damage is caused by the guest’s children, they must be compensated by the parents or guardians of the children.

If the client or his children injure themselves or damage their property due to their own fault, violating the conditions of safety, recreation and sports, the owner of the homestead is not responsible for it.

Guests are responsible for accidents that may occur indoors, in the staircase, in the woods, in the yard, in the children’s playground, in sports grounds, in the sauna, in the outdoor whirlpool, in the lake, in the pond or on the boat.

Accidents caused by alcohol is the responsibility of the guest. The owner of the homestead is responsible for the quality of the services. Fire and safety rules for the proper use of electrical appliances, to prevent their use by children; smoke only outdoors in designated areas and throw smoke only in designated containers provided near house.

In the territory of the homestead, fire can be created only in the barbecue; to burn fireplaces you will need the permission of the homestead administrator, after listening the instruction.  When heating the fireplace, do not leave children unattended and do not allow children to burn it; put firewood only in designated areas, away from open flames; Do not cause any kind of fire in the woods; Do not leave fire unattended, put it out when leaving a fireplace; Children can swim, ride a boat or fish only with adults supervision; Do not climb or sit on the balcony fences in the gazebo’s,  terrace’s of the house’s. Use sports equipment only for its intended purpose. Jumping on a trampoline is possible only after listening to its instructions for use. Every guest Each guest is individually responsible for the quality and freshness of the food they bring. Parents or caregivers must ensure the safety of children: do not allow children to walk and run in the territory of the homesteads owner, do not irritate or feed the owner dog; The owner or administrator of the homestead undertakes to acquaint the guests with the rules of fire and safe conduct and is responsible for the safety of the guests, unless the guests do not follow the rules of safety conduct in the homestead.


Terms and condition of the homestead.

Thank you for choosing the self-service cottages “Prie Klykio” during your visit to Utena. Your stay will be especially pleasant if you read the information below in advance.

  1. General information

These general conditions apply to the short-term rental of cottages for recreational purposes, according to the registration card.

By signing the registration card, the Guest confirms that he has read and agrees to the general rules, and that he will abide by the general rules.

We ask our Guests to treat the cottages and the property in them as if you were in your own home.

  1. Payment for accommodation

You can pay for the accommodation by bank transfer or cash.

The administrator has the full right to request full payment during the guest registration

Accommodation in cottages does not include additional services

When paying in cash, guest receives a receipt.

Guest has the right to request an invoice/receipt for all paid services or ask to send the invoice by an e-mail. In this case, guest must notify the administrator in advance.

When booking apartments for the Christmas and New Year’s period or summer, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total planned amount of money is charged.


  1. Registration

Accommodation takes place on the day of arrival from 14:00 to 22:00.

From 10 p.m. Guests must accommodate themselves. (without the participation of the Administrator), respectively according to homestead at Klykis instructions.

Accommodate before 14:00 possible if the cottages are ready for new guests.

On the day of arrival, guests must:

Submit your proof of identity (passport or ID card) to the administrator

Fill in and sign the registration card.

Check-out is from 08:00 until 12:00 on the day of departure. If guests leave before 08:00, they will check out independently.

  1. KEYS and ACCESS

Guests will receive key /remote controls after signing the registration card and paying all accommodation/reservation fees and charges.

The guest is responsible for ensuring that the room keys and remote controls are not lost.

All keys / remote controls must be returned to the administrator on the day of departure.

Damaged or lost keys or remote controls must be replaced and that would be charged to the guest.

  1. Number of guests

The number of guests must be exact to the number of people specified at the time of booking.

If the number of guests is higher, it must be agreed in advance. Otherwise homestead ,,Prie Klykio” reserves the right not to accommodate an additional guest.

The price of an extra bed is 25 EUR.

  1. Homestead includes

All cottages have

Furniture and necessary household appliances

Kitchen utensils

Bed linen and towels

Household appliances, required on first days after the accommodation

FORBIDDEN: Bring any weapon, flammable or explosive liquids, products with a strong and unpleasant odor into the house.

  1. Access

The administrator does not have the right to enter rented apartments when the guests have left, except when

  1. Cleaning of the house.

The house are cleaned once a week if you are staying for 7 days. In other cases, the guests are responsible for the cleanliness of the house.

If guests require more frequent or unscheduled cleaning services, they are available at an additional cost of 30 EUR to 50 EUR, depending on the size of the cottage.

We would be happy if at the end of renting our cottage we would find equipment, kitchen utensils, furniture, clean and tidy and the rubbish would be taken out of the container.

Guests who have left the apartment in an unsuitable condition (dirty, damaged equipment) will no longer be able to book our homestead.

  1. Bedding and towels.

Bed linen and towels are changed once a week.

  1. Parking

Parking is possible near the cottages or in a specially marked P sign. It is forbidden to park on the green lawn.

  1. Keeping peace and quite

Guests must

Respect other guests

Follow the instructions of “Hours of Rest” from 21:00 to 9:00.

Not to organize parties of any kind, not cause any inconvenience to other guests living in the area. Except when you book the whole homestead for a holiday.

Guest confirms that the Administrator has the right to cancel the booking of the house at its own discretion if the guest’s behavior disturbs the peace of other guests or other guests and their property are endangered.

  1. Pets

Pets are accepted for an additional fee from 10 to 15 Eur. In case of property damage caused by pet the owner must cover all costs related to the repair, according to the invoice provided.

  1. Property damage

The guest must immediately notify the Administrator of any damage or failure equipment in the homestead.

Guest must repay for any damages caused to the property, including additional cleaning, replacement of the item if the administrator demands it.

Guests are not allowed to move the furniture.

  1. Deposit

The administrator has the right to ask the guests, upon their arrival, to leave a deposit. The deposit will be refunded in full on the day of the guests’ departure, if no damage has been caused.

  1. Smoking

Smoking in living quarters, common areas, saunas is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Fine – 150 EUR (if there is evidence that the guest smoked, including the smell of smokes in the apartment)

It is forbidden to burn candles, fireworks and other means of fire in the apartment.

  1. Maintenance

The guests agrees to let in the service staff for repair, maintenance or servicing purposes if administrator decides that these tasks are necessary at the time.

  1. Electricity, water and fire

Guests are kindly requested to turn off the lights, leave the water tap off, make sure that fireplace or barbeque is no more burning.

  1. Personal belongings

We kindly asks our guests to take care of their personal belongings, items, jewels, if guest leaves the house they must  to make sure that the windows are closed and the doors are locked.

  1. Conflicts and claims

The administrator will do everything what is possible and feasible to meet the reasonable wishes of guests. This means that in the event of a claim, both the guest and the administrator must try to resolve the issue amicably. All disputes will be resolved through mutual negotiations. Complaints will only be considered if they were made during your stay in the apartment. Subsequent claims will not be considered.