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Natural wood log houses spread out on Klykiai lake shore. All houses was decorated with wooden roofs, self made authentic furniture and metalwork decorations The interior is in earthly color. All houses include – living rooms, kitchens with all needed appliences, heated floors, fireplaces. Houses for six people also provides dishwashers and washing mashines.


We have 3 boats on each bridge on the lake, feel free to use them. Fishing on the lake or on pound are available after you confim that with the administrator/host. Kids playground. Bikes. Table tennis

Bathouse and Jacuzzi

There is two bathouse‘s in the territory of a camp. One made from logs and the other on the shore of Klykiai lake. You should already know the benefits of a sauna it is not only clean body, but the soul as well. Clear thoughts, being with yourself.

Outside jacuzzi with massage functions is great idea for winter or summer. Relaxing your muscles, eliminates fatigue, encourages sweating. Always ready to be used, washed after every use. Can be booked together with bathouse or separatly.


  • Bathouse – 70 EUR
  • Bathing birch-rod – 3 EUR
  • Firewood – 5 EUR

  • Bathouse + Jacuzzi – 150 EUR
  • Jacuzzi – 120 EUR.
  • Additional person – 30 EUR per night

*Jacuzzi and bathouse booking are available when you arive.

Food serving

We are making food for guests with what we have depending on season and on consumers individual preferance.

The hosts famous scrabled eggs, which are made on fireplace with cast iron pans. Minimum serving 10 people.

Cathoring for weddings, parties, banquets and for house guests.

Table serving and decoration.

Party service.



  • Breakfast – 7 EUR.
  • Luch – salads or soup, main course, drink 15 EUR.
  • Dinner – cold snack, main course, drink 20 EUR.
  • Dessert with coffee – 5 EUR.


*Minimum serving 4 people.

*Prices provided for one person, can change depending on how many people being served.